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Sanctum Home
Read the classic phrases that the Deadman expressed through the years.
> Rest in peace!

> You better watch your mouth, or else you'll be the one who's handicapped.

> Playtime's over, sit down and shut up.

> Pain is the name of the game.

> If you feel froggy, jump.

> I don't need a reason to fight, I just need somebody to fight.

> Until nothing do us part.

> There will be no mercy, only slain bodies and taken souls.

> I like to bleed, it turns me on!

> I don't make mistakes, I bury them.

> You shouldn't be afraid, you should be terrified.

> May the hounds of Hell, eat your rotting soul, and you will, rest in peace.

> I think it's time, you got your pencil neck geek ass out here, and faced, the reaper.

> You better not worry about that belt, worry about me punching a 6 inch hole in your chest.

> I, am going, to bury, you, alive!

> Don't you realize that you cannot destroy that, which does not wish to perish?

> You will know my name, as the Lord of Darkness.

Those who do not declare, shall be declared.

> For when you look into the eyes of the reaper, you will know, your time has come.

> Welcome, to Hell! And the demon, who will lead you, into eternal, damnation.

> In time I will own the World Wrestling Federation, as one by one they will fall to my Ministry.

> Who in the hell do you think you are.

> I will strike down upon thee, with anger and fury and vengeance.

> I've felt your you're gonna feel mine.

> I may not dress like Satan anymore, but I’m still down with the Devil and I will go medieval on your ass!

> Try me I'll make you famous.

> It's my yard!

> Nobody made me, nobody owns me, and nobody sure as hell tells me what to do!

> Mess with my family, and I will hurt you!

> You better give your soul to the Lord, because your ass belongs to me!

> There's no shame in fighting and getting your ass kicked, there's no honor in not fighting at all.

> If you cross my path and do not change directions you will pay the consequences.

> I can do whatever I want, I can say whatever I want and all I got to do is be able to back it up with these soup bones.

> Nobody appreciates head games more than me, hell I’ve taken people out of the game before they were even in it.

> I may be a broken-down has been, but I’d rather be a broken-down has been…than a giant that never was.

> You see, I've adopted a new philosophy, and that is, just shut up and fight.

> A chain itself isn't dangerous, the person swinging the chain makes it dangerous.

> Paul I have no other choice.!

> I want you to witness first hand what happens to those
souls who think they can look into the eye of the dragon.